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The corner stone of our ministry is prayer and fasting. Outside of the corporate times of prayer we engage in fervent intercession on behalf of the body of Christ. We start every service with intercessory prayer. We would love to join your household in unified prayer for the contents of your heart. Email us, text us, or chat your request today and you'll hear from us shortly.
Guest FAQ's & V.L.C.F.C. Need To Know
Congratulations on being a part of a great family full of love. There are a few steps to being totally involved in the headquarters ministry of the Christian Faith Centers and you're on the right track. Follow the link below to get started on your new members orientation, need to know information, volunteering, ministry, licensing, and so on.
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Cant Join Us Physically
We experience us live! WE are sensitive to the fact that we have professionals, military, athletes, and so on that are a part of our membership and would join us if they could but they are unable to. We have decided to come to you. You are free to engage us in your living room, job, mobile device and the like. We are ready to unite with you and assuredly there is a word waiting just for you!

Welcome to virtual home

We are a wonderful Kingdom family seated in the heart of the Rochester, New York. We are the headquarters church of the Christian Faith Centers Inc. Dr. Gregory R. Wells I. D. Div. is the presiding prelate and Pastor Andrea G. Wells is the Leading Lady.

V.L.C.F.C. has been a pillar in upstate New York for over 15 years. We are very involved in our community and would love to see you at any one of these events, our scheduled services, or to hear from you on any one of our social media platforms. Remember this is the year of fulfilled assignments, open doors and walking in unusual and uncommon favor to impact the lives around us.

-Bishop & Pastor Wells

Tuesday Night Life Management Class

Come and receive biblical teachings from our Bishop & pastor that cause you to better manage the issues of life.

Recent Media

The vault is beyond full of riches of sound Word and inspiration coming from the center. Take a moment. If you like what you hear, join us and entertain sowing to progress the spreading of these rich files.


Im Going To Use It To Bless You

Im Going To Use It To Bless You


1 Oct
Victory Living CFC Mass Choir Sunday October 1 2017

Victory Living CFC Mass Choir Sunday October 1 2017


1 Oct
Sounds Of Victory Sunday October 1 2017

Sounds Of Victory Sunday October 1 2017


1 Oct
You Cant Kill My Word

You Cant Kill My Word


20 Aug


Reading your bulletin keeps you in the know of vital VLCFC news and announcements. We have a digital form online for your convenience so that theres a copy always at your finger tips. Be sure to also subscribe for our VLCFC / CFC newsletter with organization news.

Our Deacon Of The Week

If you have any emergencies or are in need of any assistance your immediate source of contact is your deacon of the week.

Prayer & Praise

Thursdays at 7PM

Open Doors

This sounded a very good reason, and Alice was quite pleased to know it. 'I never thought of that before!' she said.

Fulfilled Assignments

It was some time before he obtained any answer, and the reply, when made, was unpropitious.


Thus much I thought proper to tell you in relation to yourself, and to the trust I reposed in you.

Share Your V.L.C.F.C. Story

We are aware that many of the stories of the impact of this ministry can go unheard by many people. We invite you to share with us your story / testimony so that the world may know about the Kingdom effect taking residence in your life.