God never ends anything on a negative;

God always ends on a positive.


The Pastor and the Prophetess Andrea Genine Wells, affectionately known as Pastor, is the wife of Presiding Prelate & Chief Executive Bishop Dr. Gregory R. Wells, I, they both serve as the Pastor’s and Founder’s of Victory Living Christian Faith Center, Inc. Pastor Wells also serves as the Leading Lady of Christian Faith Center’s Organization. A Spiritual Mother and Mid-wife to many. Prophetess Wells exemplifies a passion for ministry and a compassion for people. Teaching & Preaching Holiness, healing, deliverance, restoration and Victory Living. Her ministry places and emphasis on Holiness, Righteousness and Godliness. She is also the Founder & Host of two annual event’s the ”Set Our Heart’s On Fire Conference” and “Praise Week Revival”.

Her very being depicts a Woman of God, a woman of Faith, grace and gravity. She is known by many as a Spiritual Warfare Prayer Warrior. Her ministry is one of healing & deliverance that will encourage, inspire, empower and equip men, women, boys and girls to develop a strong relationship with God as representatives of the Kingdom of God by being Godly and Holy examples. Whether she operates as the Pastor or the Prophetess you are sure to hear an anointed and prophetic uncompromising voice for this end time season.